Heading home after a whirlwind outreach trip, my head is spinning with the potential that has been spawned from the past three days. As often happens, things turned out a little different from original plans but so much more productive than expected… I had planned to attend an attorney’s conference in hopes of gathering some support for THSi’s legal clinic but this did not materialize. Instead, I got an opportunity to speak before a group of activists and industry folks alike… I wrote about this a little and more is to follow. I attended a golf tournament sponsored by the cannabis industry.

Wow, I just flew over an area that was recently burned… looks like the moon out there.

This tournament was quite an experience. A group of us that I will get into much more were here as guests. None of us were golfers but we all had. A common thread. We were here to support the event and meet some folks. I was blown away as some years ago I participated in a similar event in California. Although California led the way in passing a law to allow some protection of cannabis use, there was no public consumption allowed at the event. I remember that we were taking half of the proceeds raised and donating to a cancer charity. This was 2012 and we couldn’t find a charity willing to receive funds from a cannabis event…

This one was so much different as there was open consumption on the course in fact most of the sponsors were giving out samples of cannabis products and concentrates. I am so blown away by the combination of good work and bullshit that exists in this world of regulations. Products purposely mislabeled because “the public just doesn’t understand” to testing facilities that are not ISO certified bragging about their cleanliness and abilities.

I had the good fortune on this trip to meet some veteran activists and advocates that shared some similar experiences with the flakiness , arrogance, nepotism, scandal and skullduggery that is so prevalent in the cannabis “movement.” We shared horror stories, laughed, and got to work. I was so moved by the quality of character, experience, drive and willingness to work together that I took the risk of being pushy at a breakfast meeting and took point on creating a coalition and a project. 
I am actually moved while thinking about this as it is so similar to the genesis of The Human Solution only on another level, you see THSi was formed as a local solution with a greater purpose, this group is already nationwide and is going for the end game from the start. Yes the end game of a world where No one is imprisoned for a plant anymore. We had one of the most productive meetings that I have ever been a part of and created a 5 page document outlining our mission, goals, team both current and future. We have a plan to reconvene in Atlanta for the netroots convention in a couple of weeks and I am very eager to share more of this in the near future. I am so very excited to be working with these folks, we all agreed that what we have been doing just hasn’t been working well enough and the time is ripe with all of the political and global antics as well as a rise of social discontent! As always I am deeply grateful to everyone that has either purposefully or casually become a part of the solution!

This is a time with likely the most possibility to do the most good towards reaching our goals, please reach out to me if you are willing to help in any way!! 951-436-6312

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