FCI Terre Haute, Indiana (October, 15, 2017)- Craig Cesal has reached out to THSI to get some support in regards to lack of food and basic hygienic supplies As for the lack of food Craig wrote,.“…although the FBOP prison population has diminished from 221,000 prisoners in 2015, to 185,530 last week, the food supplied to us has been greatly diminished.”

Many of you are aware that Craig is an insulin dependent diabetic and speaks about how the food portions and meal times affects his and other diabetics blood sugar levels, “ It is notable that the small breakfasts at 6:00AM will not keep insulin-dependent diabetics, like me, with enough blood sugar. Lately, we often experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) about 9:00AM, while at work, and are not served lunch until 11:00. This is problematic for me and all diabetics here.”

Lastly Craig’s own thoughts on basic hygiene,“Why the FBOP has significantly less inmates, a greater budget, but they have cut about everything we get.  We only get three rolls of toilet paper per week for two inmates. It often doesn’t last. Only five pairs of underwear and socks, but no washing machines. I don’t ask for luxury, but I don’t believe we are seeing our actual food and hygiene needs met.”

You can email and call the prison to express your concerns at THA/ExecAssistant@bop.gov  or Phone:812-238-1531.

Visit The Human Solution International at http://www.thsintl.org to find information on how you can help end prohibition because, “No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!”

About The Human Solution International: THSI is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, THSI is a grassroots, civil rights organization of concerned citizens focused on restoring   the rights of those negatively affected by cannabis prohibition with education, active support  networks, a legal clearinghouse and peaceful protest.
The Human Solution International

A 501(c)(3) Civil Rights Organization

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