Medical Marijuana Patients under attack

Celina, Ohio (December, 28 2017)- For medical marijuana patients Peggy and Glen Keeling life has been an anxiety filled nightmare since they were “busted” on October 31, 2017. The Keeling’s are a soft spoken, community oriented, married couple with kids- your typical family next door. Despite being a legal medical marijuana patient Glen was held on a bond that they had to raise money to pay until November 22 and now must wear an ankle monitoring bracelet.

Glenn has been treating Crohn’s disease with medical marijuana and Peggy has been treating Multiple Sclerosis as well. Both of these diseases can and often are debilitating on their own but more so when you add the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals often used to treat them. Glenn and Peggy chose cannabis as a legal option for relief. The state allows the couple to possess 450 grams and they were well within the guidelines, possessing only 306 grams of cannabis medicine.

Despite the Keeling’s abiding by their state medical marijuana laws both are facing charges of felony 1 manufacturing, 2 counts of  felony 3 possession of hash, felony 5 possession of marijuana and felony 3 child endangerment

Glen’s Pre-trial conference is January 3rd at 10:00am and Peggy’s Preliminary hearing is January 17th at 2:00pm. Both will be at the Mercer County courthouse located at 101 N Main street Celina Ohio. Please if able, come to court and lend your support – no one should have to stand alone.

Visit The Human Solution International at to find information on how you can help end prohibition because, “No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!”

About The Human Solution International: THSI is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, THSI is a grassroots, civil rights organization of concerned citizens focused on restoring   the  rights of those negatively affected by cannabis prohibition with education, active support  networks, a legal clearinghouse and peaceful protest.

The Human Solution International

A 501(c)(3) Civil Rights Organization




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