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2018 Elections!

It is 2018 and that means that it is once again time to renew our commitment to lead and choose our leadership team for the next two years!

The positions available and nominees are listed below:


Joe Grumbine  (Current) 

Pete Yeaple

Vice President

Pete Yeaple

Glen Keeling

Lisa Wooldridge    (Current) 


Becca Nichols       (Current) 


Pete Yeaple .      (Current) 

Chairman of the board

Joe Grumbine      (Current) 

Board member (5)

Becca Nichols      (Current) 

Pete Yeaple

Peggy Kimmel

Glen Keeling

Lisa Wooldridge    (Current) 

Lora Roberts

Mary Donnally (current) 

Kathie Z (current)


The details regarding the election process and the history of THSI are found in this link

Any member, current in dues and two or more years membership in good standing is eligible to nominate themselves or any eligible member for any position.

Any active member in good standing for less than two years can submit a nomination pending review and acceptance. If you are not an active member Membership to sign up.

To place a nomination:




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