Come September, The Human Solution international will be having our 3rd elections! 
According to our bylaws, every two years,The Human solution international 
THSi ) will hold an election for every position including President/CEO, Vice President, Treasurer/CFO, Secretary, Chairman of the board, and all board members.  Although, The Human Solution was originally incorporated in 2009 as a non profit, we went through a lot of changes and even closed the corp down only to rename it and reincorporate. in 2014 we received our IRS determination letter establishing The Human Solution international as a federally recognized 501c3 tax exempt non profit. We decided to have a very large and inclusive board and the organizing members agreed on the positions for the first term. 
As it turned out, a mammoth board and large executive team was too much to ask. by September 2015, a lot of growing pains had run their course and we had cut the board in half and the many of the leadership positions were changed but THSI has a lion’s heart and continued to move forward. In Sept 2016 we held a full and open election of all positions and established a strong leadership team. 
September 2018 is quickly approaching and our election cycle is once again upon us. We have recently voted in our protocols. First of all the nomination process: 
1) Any individual that has been a member of The Human Solution in good standing for at least two years qualifies for an elected position. If a member wishes to run for a position and is in good standing but less than two years they can request variance to the rule and it will be put to a vote. 
2) Any qualifying member can nominate themselves or another qualifying member for any position however if a member is nominated by another, the nomination must be accepted to be valid
3) All positions are voluntary (there are no salaries or stipends of any kind issued to elected positions) 
4) If a position is left without a nominee, the position may be left vacant until such time as a qualified nominee steps forward
5) Membership in good standing means that either a member is current in annual dues or qualifies as a “hard way member” an approved “volunteer member” or a lifetime member. anyone that has let membership lapse will not be eligible to run, nominate or vote. 
6) We will be creating a “closed group” on Facebook for the purpose of this election, there will also be a page on the website that will have the election information. 
7) The poll will run for 1 day and an absentee ballot will be made available to anyone that will be unable to vote on the day of (TBD
8) All active members should have an active membership card. (if you qualify for membership but have not received a card, please contact me.) 
To sign up to become a member visit Membership
I realize that over the years, many people have payed dues one time or more and even more people have volunteered at one time or another and consider themselves members but as with any member driven organization, you either are a current active member or you are not. 
If you feel that you have volunteered a sufficient amount of time/effort to qualify as a member, please reach out, no one will be excluded from this process that truly wishes to be here and has put in an effort.  We will be holding a membership drive up till the day of elections and encourage everyone interested in ending cannabis prohibition once and for all to join us in our effort. We are changing history and we welcome you to the team
thank you in advance for being a part of the solution! 

Blessings in solidarity

Joe Grumbine

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