Ending prohibition is so important for humanity and most of us have no clue as to why that is.. I am going to put the knowledge that I have been blessed to acquire in as easy to understand verbiage as possible… 
Each one of us have endocannabinoid systems in our brain for the health of our electrical connections from our brain to our bodies and our immune system to support our organs and assist in fighting germs and common colds..  Now with that being said cannabis and hemp have the same cannabinol systems that we do… But there is a difference in hemp and cannabis that must be clarified.. in order for cannabinoids to be medicinal for us , they must carry 15% or higher cannabinoids in their cannabinol profile… the hemp plant only has 3-5 % cannabinoids in its cannabinol profile .. The cannabis plant has 20 +%.. So cannabis oil extract is MEDICINAL.. Hemp oil extract is NOT it is however, NUTRITIONAL.. 
So with all of that being said it only costs about $5 a gram to make this life saving oil, not including all of your one time expenses for cultivation.. 
We live a life of convenience and it is killing us.. We treat our mind and bodies neglectfully and expect them to function up to par.. We are a society of poor eating habits and lack of exercise.. We are a society that has been dumbed down by lithium chem trails we are prescription drugs addicts and fat Monsanto (ites) .. 
We need to take accountability for what we LET happen to us and CHANGE it.. WE NEED TO START LIVING THE CHANGES WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.. 

Helen Yeaple

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