A Cup of Joe radio show is hosted weekly every Wednesday from 8PM Eastern 5pm/Pacific by Joe Grumbine- founder and CEO of THSI.

A Cup of Joe Wednesday January 9, 2019

THSI is a grassroots, civil rights organization of concerned citizens focused on restoring the rights of those negatively affected by cannabis prohibition with education, active support networks, a legal clearinghouse and peaceful protest.

In line with our mission statement this show is intended for educational, civil and productive conversations about the effects of cannabis prohibition and how to end it.

We strive to provide a platform for the voiceless the unheard victims of cannabis prohibition –cannabis defendants. No caller will ever be turned away – we welcome a discourse of different ideas, opinions and viewpoints.

Starting off 2019 more focused than ever.  We will be discussing the grassroots movement and new THSI Chapter meetings, our goals as a community and maybe someone can call in and explain to me why we need to be regulating and taxing the cannabis plant. I mean isn’t parsley a plant? Corn? Potatoes? Let us know your thoughts.

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