Bringing Together Awareness in Our Community

As the new year rolled around one of the consistent themes that keeps coming up from THSI CEO and Founder Joe Grumbine, is “focus”. Much is attached to the “focus” theme. Solutions, More Support, Liberty, End Prohibition and the like.

What is the inspiration? Why does Joe feel as strong as he does about what should be the “focus” of THSI, and everyone else who works to end prohibition? People in our community lack of understanding and connecting to what “the big picture”on ending prohibition really is, and, what must be done to end it. Joe has spent most of his life talking about this issue and as part of the emphasis on “focus” Joe is challenges you to engage on the issue of prohibition in the hope that it reminds all of us of what we have been fighting for and that our fight is still far from over.

“When women stood up in our society and demanded a seat at the voting table,” Joe offers, “They didn’t just do it so they could vote. They did it as part of the fight for equal rights. It’s the same with cannabis prohibition or any other liberty issue in we are faced with” “Why are we so satisfied with ‘legalization’ when so much damage is being done to people in the name of the law?”

It is an important question. The Human Solution International is first and foremost an organization based on liberty, For those who are not intimate with liberty as a way of life what you may be missing most is the symmetry between liberty and compassion. They have a very close relationship.

Liberty is about not doing harm and removing force and treating each other based on merit. If one lives this way then one should never have to deal with the government in a negative way. Unfortunately, our reality is much different.

As Joe discussed on the first “A Cup of Joe” broadcast of 2019 is THSI again committing to its core founding principles. Liberty, compassion, empowerment, prisoner support and ending prohibition. Fundamental approaches to helping communities and the people in them benefit as best as they can with having the Cannabis plant in their lives and advancing ideals that help everyone.

It is basically a call to action. To all of us. Step up and take a stand and do something. Make our world a better place. Help sick people get better. Help educate people about the benefits of Cannabis. Stop standing by while people are sent to prison or have had their children taken.

The Human Solution International continues to be there every day for you. WIll you commit to “focus” today with us. Join us and let’s change the world together.

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