I know so many of my fellow cannabis activists who are elated as state by state recreational cannabis use is passed. I hear weekly how we are on the road to ending cannabis prohibition and all I can do is shake my head and speak my truth. Legalization is taking us further from the end of cannabis prohibition- not closer.

A large number of advocates are being lulled into false hope by the legalization movement. They have jumped into the pot of water and have no idea that it is getting warmer and warmer and before they know it the water is boiling and there is no way out. The same state government’s that decided cannabis is an inherently dangerous schedule 1 drug with no medicinal value suddenly decided it does have a medical use. State government didn’t stop there. Once the government figured out money can be made by selling it recreationally is when the true trouble started. Why? It is not a dangerous “drug” if the state can make millions in taxes! In the end it is the government once again controlling the market, how much cannabis we can have, what an appropriate age for consuming cannabis is and where and what consumers should buy and use.

Giving yet more control to the government regarding cannabis is moving us farther away from ending prohibition and getting the government out of our daily lives. Don’t be lulled by legalization. Instead be scared by it- run the other direction. If possible do not support big pharma like dispensaries. Speak out against legalization. Speak up for a complete end to cannabis prohibition. Wake up!

….to be continued


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