By Peter Yeaple

I rise every day and thank the universe for giving me another day to try and make a difference in the world in which I exist.

My day starts with Coffee my oil regiment, my Shroom dose, and a taste from a fresh bowl.

I am thankful for that I truly am because of this regiment of natural plants I can function, produce, exceed and feel accomplished at the end off each day.

I have normal encounters during the day and spread as much positivity as I can. I aide and help people understand the way of holism, fight for Cannabis Freedom and again add a positive force to this universe.

Not a bad guy I just explained ya think?

Well that isn’t a rarity for a day for a lot . But the reality that lies underneath all of that is that if I can be arrested, have my freedoms and assets taken, be treated worse than an abused animal. And live in a cage for longer than most get for child pornography and other horrible crimes such as murder or rape.

There is no victim in a Cannabis Crime so how can we send anyone to jail for this plant.

It’s been sub zero here and each time I walk out side although blistering cold I’m glad to still be able to do so.

Good people are being kept from living productive lives.

We all need to rise and make those finally understand that without this plant we have no quality or in some cases life itself.

I’ll enjoy every day in the cold ONCE WE END PROHIBITION

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