Matt Kahl created a community called Veterans for Natural Rights.  A political action organization whose mission to build a community of veterans that will help change America for the better, to embrace freedom, self-reliance, independence, liberty, and equality under the law for all Americans.Matt stops by and talks about Liberty with Joe.  

Join us for “A Cup of Joe” to find out what YOU can do to help The Human Solution International accomplish our mission of ending cannabis prohibition to ensure civil and basic human rights.

Relax, grab a fresh one and join us “in the back room” for this very bold and delicious brew with plenty to go around on Coffee Party USA Radio.  It may be a little smokey back here but all are welcome.

Wednesday Nights 8:00 PM EDT/5:00 PM PDT 

*Cannabis defendants from around the world are always welcome to join the show and share the details of their cases with the goal of reaching out to the community for support.

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