The state of Michigan has imprisoned Michael Thompson for the past 25 years, that is more than two decades in prison for selling Marijuana. He is now 68. 

Marijuana is now LEGAL in the state of Michigan.

In 2013 Michael Thompson brought his case to the attention of The Human Solution International, “No Jail for a Plant”, a 501C3 civil rights organization. THSI worked with Michael on his case until 2013 Deedee Kirkwood, an activist for people SERVING LIFE SENTENCES for cannabis crimes, took Michael’s case on and has worked tirelessly to free him since. Deedee never gave up hope and has spent countless hours in an attempt to get justice for Thompson.

Activist Shaun King speaks on Michael Thompson’s unfair sentence. Listen to the podcast now The Breakdown by Shaun King 

” MICHAEL THOMPSON IS serving a 40- to 60-year sentence in Muskegon Correctional Facility in Michigan. He’s already spent a quarter of a century in prison. His father, mother, and his only son have died in the time he’s been behind bars. His mom’s final wish — which she told his nephew, Sheldon Neeley — was that Thompson wouldn’t die in prison. He’s 68. He felt ashamed at his mother’s funeral because he had to wear handcuffs.

Michael Thompson has always been a good man – a humanitarian…now behind bars.

Michael “Meeko” Thompson has spent more than two decades locked in a state prison.Michael was arrested for selling three pounds of cannabis to an undercover officer.  Michigan Supreme Court stated Michael ‘received a lengthy sentence’. The Federal Court stated ‘they would not have given a sentence of that magnitude.’ Michael never had a juvenile record, nor did he ever commit any number of crimes, such as acts of home invasion, car-jacking, burglary, etc. yet many of the prisoners he has served time with have gone home for those types of convictions while he continues to suffer for a cannabis conviction.

While in prison, Michael has exemplary conduct, only receiving a misconduct for stepping into a music room without having a pass. He has been selected by a majority of the prison population to be on the Warden Forum and elected as the Chairman at four prisons. Michael’s been entrusted and designated with security clearance of high job assignments during eighty percent of his incarceration. He’s been given assignments as a cameraman in the visiting room. He’s been selected to assist prisoners with learning disabilities where he’s been issued progress and work evaluations that indicate “Thompson’s very trustworthy and respectful to MDOC Staff, always willing to help out when needed.”

Mr. Thompson has spent more than enough time in prison and only wishes to be a productive member of his community again. We need to insist on his immediate release from prison so that he may continue his humanitarian efforts.  Michael and his family have suffered unjustly, and he’s paid for his crime. Again, the crimes which he’s been convicted did NOT result in any acts of violence.

All of Michaels close relatives have since passed. It is up to the community to help raise funds to help pay for the legal fees for Michael to help bring him home and  grant his mothers last wish. Any amount will help us reach our goal and is much appreciated. PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY WITH A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER.”

If you would like to reach  Michael directly,  Please send all letters to the address listed below: 

Michael Thompson #176309
Muskegon Correctional Facility 
2400 S. Sheridan Rd
Muskegon, MI 49442

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