Calling all Civil Rights Soldiers

We are launching a two fold call to action for Cannabis prisoner Craig Cesal whom many of you know and love.


Calling all Civil Rights Soldiers 

Terre Haute, IN (October 3 2019)-  We are launching a two fold call to action for Cannabis prisoner Craig Cesal whom many of you know and love. Craig has experienced being denied access to the law library, denial of his insulin, an assault by an officer and lastly after he made a complaint about these abuses he was promptly moved to the SHU where he has been for just over a month now with no contact. We are all very worried about him and are asking that polite calls inquiring about Craigs safety, health and well being be placed to the FCI Terre Haute BOP. When calling use his full name and inmate number. 

Craig Cesal #52948-019. Terre Haute (812) 238-1531.

The second call to action is a call put together by Cheri Sicard:

1. Write a polite letter to the Inspector General (yes an actual paper letter) and ask that he please investigate the ongoing staff on inmate violence at FCI Terre Haute. Also please ask that he verify the safety of inmate Craig Cesal #52948-019 who you are concerned about as staff has been consistently threatening and even assaulting him (see details in his emails).

2. Please include copies of some or all of the emails from Craig detailing the abuse, you can find them posted in this album.

3. Please sign the letter and include a return address and if you are comfortable, a phone number. Address the letter and mail to:

Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

4. Please let us know if you get a response.

A sample letter that you may print,sign and mail or use as a template thanks to Nichole Ailanjian Lewis: 
Michael E. Horowitz, Inspector General Department of Justice

Abuse in our state and federal prisons has been systemically detrimental to both inmates and their families and I believe that there needs to be a high priority investigation on the Terre Haute Indiana prison. I am writing this letter not as one but as we the people in groups and individuals who say enough. This abuse I speak of is not an assumption but are backed by letters and emails directly received from Terre Haute prisoner Craig Cesal  #52948-019 himself who has been a model prisoner from day one. 

With all due respect we are demanding a formal investigation into this matter. We are prepared to take this matter as high up the chain as we need to go to bring attention and awareness to this  violation of basic human rights happening at the Terre Haute prison facility. 

Craig Cesal has been in  solitary confinement for over a month with no contact with the outside. We fear for Craig’s safety at this very moment as he was denied access to the law library because he is a diabetic and threatened to not be given his medication if he entered the law library. It’s all in his letters attached. We fear for his life this man is not well and serving life for a victimless cannabis crime.

About The Human Solution International: THSI is a grassroots federally  recognized 501(c)(3) , civil rights organization of concerned citizens focused on restoring the rights of those negatively affected by  cannabis prohibition, the basic rights of Native Americans,veterans and the disabled with education, active support networks, a legal clinic and peaceful protest.

The Human Solution International A 501(c)(3) Civil Rights Organization




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