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Defendant Toolbox

The following is a loose outline of how a defendant might advocate for themselves using court support, letter writing and jury nullification. All of THSI’s materials are available here for printing on our Printable’s page.  To request ribbons for a court date email – make sure that you state the number of ribbons needed, the date they are needed by and your mailing address. 


Rally support for your upcoming court date as well as email THSI to request ribbons. Court Support shows that we stand in solidarity. We sit respectfully in courtrooms, with our Solidarity Ribbons in clear view. We take the time out of our busy lives to fill a seat, and observe our Court System in action while our presence serves as a reminder to all court participants that they serve the will of the people in the pursuit of freedom and justice. Judges and attorneys do take notice when a group of people stand together wearing our green Solidarity Ribbons with a defendant. 


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