The following is a loose outline of how a defendant might advocate for themselves using court support, letter writing and jury nullification. All of THSI’s materials are available here for printing on our Printable’s page.  To request ribbons for a court date email  make sure that you state the number of ribbons needed, the date they are needed by and your mailing address. 


resource we offer and encourage every defendant to utilize is our calendar. Add your court dates as early as possible at  THSI Calendar 


Rally support for your upcoming court date as well as email  to request ribbons. Court Support shows that we stand in solidarity. We sit respectfully in courtrooms, with our Solidarity Ribbons in clear view. We take the time out of our busy lives to fill a seat, and observe our Court System in action while our presence serves as a reminder to all court participants that they serve the will of the people in the pursuit of freedom and justice. Judges and attorneys do take notice when a group of people stand together wearing our green Solidarity Ribbons with a defendant.  Court support needed cards are available for you to print out through our Printable’s page. 


Call into A Cup of Joe which airs as a podcast as well as is live steamed on Facebook every Wednesday at 5:00 pm PST.  With viewership in the thousands every week this is a powerful tool to gain support.  If you are a defendant you are guaranteed time to speak live on the show. The call in number is 1-646-929-2495. All of our past shows are archived at A Cup of Joe.


Lastly, great success has been found time and time again through letter writing. Many defendants have received no jail time or have received a reduced charge as a direct result of letter writing. Through a Call to Action via our website as well as various Facebook pages we manage along with your family and friends a request is put forth for letters on your behalf.  The first letter writing campaign would be to the District Attorney requesting that your case be dropped. The judge may not receive any letters regarding your case until you have been found guilty as a result of a trial or you have pled out on your case. At the point that you are redyeing yourself for sentencing a campaign can be launched requesting no jail time at sentencing or at the least leniency. 





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