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We present different points of view about the problems and solutions surrounding prohibition and civil rights.

We focus on civil-rights and YOUR freedom and liberty.

Join us for “A Cup of Joe” to find out what YOU can do to help The Human Solution International accomplish our mission of ending cannabis prohibition to ensure civil and basic human rights.

Link to our upcoming show on 8-16-2017 A Cup of Joe


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August 2 2017

A Strong Brew on A Cup of Joe

Michelle Button- defendant 17:00

Craig Cesal- federal prisoner LWP 30:10

Dolores Halbin- defendant 47:00

Ashley Weber 1:05

Mark Peterson- defendant 1:14

Sharon Ravert 1:22

Bobby Rodrigo 1:30

Aaron O’Neil- defendant 1:43

Tom Korby 1:50

May 24 2017

A Veterans Story on A Cup of Joe

Leo a Veteran and friend of Kris’ 23:00

Craig Cesal 25:00

Duane a Veteran from CA 58:00

Dave a Veteran from CA 1:04

Lisa Lisa J Sublett 1:13

Lisa Wooldridge 1:32

Tom Korby 1:42

May 17 2017

Open Mic on A Cup of Joe

Free Craig Cesal starts at 23:00

Attorney Michael Minardi at 39:18

Kris Lewendowski’s good friend from the military Matt Hill at 49:44

Galen Fisher at 1:07

James Kirk Short at 1:22

Arron O’Neal at 1:35

Kyle Catlin calling from prison at 1:42

Tom Korby at 2:14

Solidarity Ribbon

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