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We present different points of view about the problems and solutions surrounding prohibition and civil rights.

We focus on civil-rights and YOUR freedom and liberty.

Join us for “A Cup of Joe” to find out what YOU can do to help The Human Solution International accomplish our mission of ending cannabis prohibition to ensure civil and basic human rights.

Every Wednesday from 5:00- 7:00 pm PST

Listen via this link to A Cup of Joe  


Call in to speak with the host or to listen (646) 929-2495
– you sure don’t want to miss even one!

Weekly Solidarity Ribbon contest winner picked every Wednesday 

Solidarity Ribbon Contest

Everywhere (October 14 2017)- We are announcing a contest that will be ongoing and winners will be announced on “A Cup of Joe” every Wednesday. Take a picture that showcase the ribbon- in places, visible to public, exotic places, on different people, unique poses – get creative and have fun! Drop your picture on The Human Solution International Facebook page . One winner will be announced each Wednesday so make sure you tune in by calling (646) 929-2495 or watch the live stream available on Facebook. Don’t have any ribbons? Get a hold of Joe by emailing or via Facebook messenger with your address. Let’s get those ribbons out there state by state and share the Solidarity!

What is the Solidarity Ribbon? 

THSI Solidarity Ribbons are handmade by patients, members and supporters who wear them proudly, to show the world that we stand as one. One belief, that cannabis is safe and effective medicine. One belief, that cannabis is safer for recreation than the legal alternatives of alcohol and tobacco. One belief, that freedom includes access to nature’s oldest remedy to heal our wounds and lift our spirits. One belief, that our current cannabis laws need major reform and the War on Drugs has been a failure.
The green ribbon with a red cross symbolizes our right of freedom to heal ourselves as we see fit. Cannabis can heal our bodies, while hemp can heal our planet, our economy, and our society.
Worn in the courtroom, THSI Solidarity Ribbons represent our unity with the defendant. Worn in public they serve to show our peers that they do not stand alone and that intelligent, law-abiding citizen’s stand together united for this amazing plant.


October 18 2017

Vivian McPeak on “A Cup of Joe”

October 11 2017

George Martorano on “A cup of Joe”

5:00 . Janice Davis

18:00 . Craig Cesal

50:00 Tom Korby

1:03:00 . Bobby Rodrigo

1:14:00 George Martorano

1:30:00 Mike Mailman

1:42 Peter Yeaple

1:53:00 contest winner

1:55:00 Tom Korby


October 4 2017

Ashley Weber and Albert Thomas on “A cup of Joe”

8:16 Sharon Ravert

20:16 Craig Cesal

37:01 Ashley Weber

1:07:00 . Timothy Locke

1:23:41 . Mike Mailman

1:30:37 Ian Anderson

1:39:08 Albert Thomas

1:57:40 Tom Korby

Not mentioned on the show: winner of this week’s solidarity ribbon photo contest: Lora Roberts


September 27 2017

Jen Ani, Michael Minardi, the Coalition and the board meeting on “A cup of Joe”

September 20 2017

Friendly Manitoba on A Cup of Joe



September 13 2017

Special Guest Irma Alred on A Cup of Joe

Vincett – 13:50

Craig Cesal- 29:30

Irma Alred- 47:00

Adam Assenberg- 1:25

James Kurt- 1:49

Mike Harris- 1:54

Tom Korby- 1:58


September 6 2017

Coalition Building on A Cup of Joe Take 2


August 2 2017

A Strong Brew on A Cup of Joe

Michelle Button- defendant 17:00

Craig Cesal- federal prisoner LWP 30:10

Dolores Halbin- defendant 47:00

Ashley Weber 1:05

Mark Peterson- defendant 1:14

Sharon Ravert 1:22

Bobby Rodrigo 1:30

Aaron O’Neil- defendant 1:43

Tom Korby 1:50

May 24 2017

A Veterans Story on A Cup of Joe

Leo a Veteran and friend of Kris’ 23:00

Craig Cesal 25:00

Duane a Veteran from CA 58:00

Dave a Veteran from CA 1:04

Lisa Lisa J Sublett 1:13

Lisa Wooldridge 1:32

Tom Korby 1:42

May 17 2017

Open Mic on A Cup of Joe

Free Craig Cesal starts at 23:00

Attorney Michael Minardi at 39:18

Kris Lewendowski’s good friend from the military Matt Hill at 49:44

Galen Fisher at 1:07

James Kirk Short at 1:22

Arron O’Neal at 1:35

Kyle Catlin calling from prison at 1:42

Tom Korby at 2:14

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