3-22-2017 Taking action in all areas of your life
Good afternoon, my thoughts today are on taking action in all areas of your life. My first memory of working on getting things done was when I was about 17, just moved to Southern California. Still in high school, I read an article about Dalai Lama I believe, on procrastination he was talking about all that we could do with the time we save by just doing it then. No time beating myself up or worrying about consequences of not getting it done, just free time to do more. Even at seventeen I was drawn to the power of that statement. Was not able to manifest using it consistently in my live for about 35 years. Time is precious and this was highlighted to me when my health failed in my early fifties.
Not wanting to leave my son at thirteen, I realized every second was important. No time to waste, then the quote came back. It is carried out in my actions since, live in the present as the past cannot be changed, by taking action today we create the  changes we want in our lives. Acknowledging each each step and knowing positive action brings rewarding outcome. Being human, it is a work in progress but my life shines with the rewards earned already.
Putting this into practice has helped me assist to build up The Human Solution International. About two years ago I realized the  importance on building up my health to better serve my goals. Since then the journey for balance in my physical condition has opened my eyes to the true balance I need. I have continued to find a blend of Eastern and Western therapies best for me. Embracing herbal alternative for the Pharmacy medications my system no longer tolerated. Physical Medicine ordered Physical therapy, ultrasound, TENS unit and heat, then acupuncture. From this I have developed a well rounded therapeutic program for me. Building myself up to be stronger. I now have found relief of intolerable chronic pain, insomnia, increased range of motion, relief of sinusitis and abdominal symptoms too. Feeling blessed but the point is that without daily action, I would slip back into the failing slide down, I choose action over decline. 
With my new found energy, my passion with the THSI has been able to be renewed as well. Still working on physical strength and stamina, but learned to be grateful for all accomplishments. realizing continued action will enhance the march to my goals. It is an ongoing process of creation, learned to be kind to myself, like I would treat a friend. Outcome is reaping the rewards daily.  
Join me in living in the moment, taking the action and reaping the rewards.
Looking forward to future adventures to End Prohibitions Now! 
2-23-2017 Beginnings of my cannabis activism in retirement
Being a retired Pediatric Oncology RN I have acquired a plethora of experience working through life’s challenges on my own and in support of others. This colors the shades of my current perspective. It has been the guideposts for my moral decisions in life. I am blessed to have survived these battles, grateful for all who have given me insight into myself to never again be victim. I retain my power and am rebuilding myself daily. 
As I listened to the Cup of Joe on the Blogtalkradio 02/22/2017, I was taken back to Kathie Z RN, it causing me to reflect on the emotions, fears and social experiences felt. 
Nurse Julie expressed her delight of taking the Art of Nursing as well as the Science of Nursing to educate on the endocannabinoid system. My heart sings when I hear of this progress. It is my dreams not only for my care but for all patients. We need to change this wave of ill health that is drowning so many. The drug statistics prove the true story of the drugs killing patients, it is side effects of drug prescriptions. Whether that or the addictions caused by over prescription, our patients are dying or suffering the outcomes daily. We need programs for harm reduction, including holistic measures like cannabis. other healing herbs and lifestyle changes. Take the assets of pharmaceuticals and add harm reduction programs adopted while not having profit as the motivating driver.
I speak of this from a very personal level because my first harm was caused in the womb. I am a DES daughter, I was in the first study at UCLA in 1975. I was being treated for a ruptured tubal pregnancy. I was in nursing school the time, had been to the doctors but was misdiagnosed as gallstones and had no more Medical stickers. An unfortunate set of conditions in too many cases, poor and under treated. In 1977 I had the same symptoms, the doctors knew to listen because of my history. Required transfusions of 2 units each time bit only had to be in ICU in 1975.
At 27 I was sterile because of side effects DES exposure, my genetic changes are passed on and they are being studied now in the third generation.
Having experienced this as a student nurse I have watched for harm in these areas while nursed. One population seen dramatically in was with the Pediatric seizure patients. I was an experienced NICU RN and if needed was pulled to care to for newborns who had had seizures at or soon after birth, then would follow their progress as they came to our Pediatric unit. I saw their progression, wondered how much was disease and how much treatment? When I saw the research on using cannabis medicine, I cried in joy. I could see the science, I could see the progress and the joy it brought to families. I understand their dedication, love and courage to stand as a government and medical system let them down. The truth has been there for thousands of years, once hidden but being reaffirmed with modern science. Nurses as the most trusted medical professionals, must lead the way down this road. Replace fear with the light of true science. Let us stop the flow of false science, remove harmful restrictions that are restricting our civil rights to live. Stand in the courts with those we serve.
It was truly inspirational to be a part of the discussion. Am so excited to see this journey of The Human Solution International. It is exciting times in unity.
Solidarity gives strength in unity.
Sincerely,Kathie Z
1-2-2017 Good things are on the way
Good things are on the way, up early today, woke thinking of my blog. Wanted to share my excitement over some new projects here at The Human Solution International. Today we are having a new show in the form of discussion on Cup of Joe.
As a organization with members separated by locations or situations, we use conference calls to meet. During one of our calls, we thought it would be informative to have these types of discussions on the show. Giving an opportunity to have input from all our members, it is our policy for transparency carried on. 
Hope you can call in. Wednesday Nights 8:00 PM EDT/5:00 PM PDT 
We have come along path to get to this point. See it as a fluid and flowing growth in an organic way. We grew out of a vacuum of cannabis support in court. Then learned strategies from sometimes painful situations to grow with needs of our members. As members we relish your input, your ideas, we need your energy and actions to manifest.
We have never had a shortage of great ideas or good people, we need action on the ground, your help is encouraged.
On the first show we will be discussing the Legal clinic, call in to listen and give your input.
If you have sat alone and scared in the fighting legal challenges, join in to all our options.
Time for action and education…but first to rest before the day begins, it is 4:44 AM as I finish this. Twelve hours till the show, hope you will be there.
Will continue on my history later, I am a live in today kind of girl myself. Review the past to remake today and build a grand tomorrow, create the world you see.
1-1-2017 This is my first blog and so here I go…
I have been active in THSI for many years and was elected in September to continue to serve on the Board of Directors. It is a honor to serve in this capacity. I will be more visible on projects and activities this year. I took time to fine tune my health in 2016 so I could have renewed strength to continue this role.
My need to serve has been a major theme of my life. My health issues since early childhood lead to a more introspective attitude about life. Reading was my way to examine the world and studying people I met. First Election I was involved  in was 1960 campaign for Kennedy, the Young Democrats with my teenage brothers. Then the Civils Rights Movement’s during my teen years, history fascinated me and horrified me at the injustice. Candle light vigils, sit-ins, love-ins, union strikes leading me through these times. Building my sense of Justice and need to serve.
Then in 1969 I found cannabis relieved my anxiety and learned the stigma it was given. A hassle and release, with a friend’s arrest in ’70 was my first police contact. No charges but asked, sarcastically, “How long have you been revolting?”
As I chose nursing as my career I learned the fear of retribution of my choice to continue use. I used herbs since my grandma taught me as a child and added to her teaching. The physical stress in nursing on my arthritis was destructive to joints and spine…leading to early retirement. Between those events I filled each moment with the joy of nursing. My patients got younger over the years. Elders, adults, then Nursery, NICU, Pediatrics, PICU, Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Peds hospice with home health. My union work was a family tradition, I proudly continued. Was working to support the disabled RN’s through the processes.  when I retired.
I was reported to the  RN Board during a “witch hunt” their Psychologist’s words. The Board choose to “make me an example of what happens if you use marijuana”. So the next 4 years I attended meetings of AA, EA,OA and nurse support groups. Tested and compiled, through this I stayed at my job, did what was asked to do the work I loved for 25 years.
Then my health failed and a new struggle, Workman Compensation, an eleven year process, fighting two cases. The first won 84% award after their appeal. The second they tried to make the first case null and void secondary to my Cannabis use. I won 96% award after their appeal again,  increased  secondary to Psychological damage from cases. I went into four organ failure from the pharmacy meds during the first case. I learned to be my own health advocate and took the courage to change, 15 years and I am still going and getting stronger.
I have volumes of stories, learned many wise and wondrous lessons and have loved as well as been loved. A dreamer with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet and I found my people here at The Human Solution International.
Next blog: Beginnings of my cannabis activism in retirement.
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