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THSI Solidarity Ribbons are handmade by patients, members and supporters who wear them proudly, to show the world that we stand as one. One belief, that cannabis is safe and effective medicine. One belief, that cannabis is safer for recreation than the legal alternatives of alcohol and tobacco. One belief, that freedom includes access to nature’s oldest remedy to heal our wounds and lift our spirits. One belief, that our current cannabis laws need major reform and the War on Drugs has been a failure.

The green ribbon with red cross symbolizes our right of freedom to heal ourselves as we see fit. Cannabis can heal our bodies, while hemp can heal our planet, our economy, and our society.

Worn in the courtroom, THSI Solidarity Ribbons represent our unity with the defendant. Worn in public they serve to show our peers that they do not stand alone and that intelligent, law-abiding citizen’s stand together united for this amazing plant. Do you have a Solidarity Ribbon?

Solidarity Ribbon Contest

Everywhere (October 14 2017)- We are announcing a contest that will be ongoing and winners will be announced on “A Cup of Joe” every Wednesday. Take a picture that showcase the ribbon- in places, visible to public, exotic places, on different people, unique poses – get creative and have fun! Drop your picture on The Human Solution International Facebook page . One winner will be announced each Wednesday so make sure you tune in by calling (646) 929-2495 or watch the live stream available on Facebook. Don’t have any ribbons? Get a hold of Joe by emailing or via Facebook messenger with your address. Let’s get those ribbons out there state by state and share the Solidarity!

Past winning photos:  

9/13/2017 winner Michelle Button                                                                                                      9/20/2017 winner Justin Turley                                                                                                            9/27/2017 winner Janice Davis                                                                                                            10/4/2017 winner Lora Roberts


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