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We teach you – the defendant how to advocate for yourself using court support, letter writing campaigns,  jury nullification education and more. We do not provide legal assistance or money.

THSI is 100% volunteer driven with all money collected going right to accomplishing our mission. You can get involved by becoming a member,visiting our Facebook The Human Solution, and by pledging your support to end prohibition at No Jail for Pot.

If you are a current defendant in need of help fill out the New Defendant Form and we will connect with you as soon as we can.

In the United States a silent war is being waged against its citizens. The war on Drugs has not been effective and has instead led to more problems; increased prison populations, billions of dollars being spent on the war to name a few. The victims of this war continue to increase in number, filling our prisons to the point of bursting.  In 1980, the prison population held steady at 25,000 inmates yet has risen to a staggering 215,000. Of those 215,000, 50.1% are incarcerated for non-violent drug related crimes.  Cannabis related drug crimes make up 27.6% of this number- higher then crack cocaine and heroin.  The time has long passed for an end to cannabis prohibition.

THSI’s efforts in regards to court support have been successful. When lawyers and judges see half the courtroom filled with an eclectic group of people wearing our trademark green ribbon there in support of the defendant it has an impact.  THSI’s court support program is the only one of its kind in the world. We believe that regardless of the state law, if every defendant had an overwhelming galley of support, complete with media coverage, we could bring an end to prohibition. Court support works!

Education is a powerful tool in ending prohibition and this is where jury nullification education plays an important role.  It only takes one juror to save a defendant from turning into a prisoner. THSI believes that through a campaign of education we can end prohibition. Many of our prisoners would not have been convicted if jurors were fully informed of their rights. Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant even though they believe them to be guilty of breaking the law. This may occur when members of the jury believe that the law should not be applied in that particular case.


THSI is a grassroots, civil rights organization of concerned citizens focused on restoring   the rights of those negatively affected by cannabis prohibition with education, active support  networks, a legal clearinghouse and peaceful protest.



Once you have submitted your defendant form we ask that you call into A Cup of Joe which airs as a podcast as well as is live steamed on Facebook and YouTube every Wednesday at 5:00 pm PST.  With viewership in the thousands every week this is a powerful tool to gain support.  If you are a defendant you are guaranteed time to speak live on the show. The call in number is 1-646-929-2495. All of our past shows are archived at A Cup of Joe.

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